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I AM NOT  A MISTAKE FOUNDATION will use donations to better the lives of people and communities at large, through mental, emotional, practical and spiritual support.

In this fast paced world people have so much on their plates that taking care of their mental well being is not even a thought anymore.

We have come to realise that due to this people are not able to function at their peak and give their best when it comes to work, family and taking care of themselves. I AM NOT A MISTAKE FOUNDATION was founded to provide support to people who are sinking and do not know how or where to get the help they need.

Over and above this working through and overcoming mental and emotional problems can be expensive and there are thousands of people in dire need of help! People who have so much to offer but believe that they are worthless. I AM NOT A MISTAKE FOUNDATION provides professional support for all people, young and old, male or female, there is no discrimination and complete confidentiality!

We ask that if you are able to help people who are dealing with any form of abuse, have been adopted, living with depression or have suicidal thoughts, are dealing with an alcohol or drug addiction, please consider donating to assist these people, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SAVE LIVES – DONATE NOW!

Just fill in the form below. You can choose any one of the options provided or choose your own amount. Your donation is greatly appreciated and we THANK YOU!

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