About The Foundation

The Concept behind the Foundation is motivated by daily obstacles facing so many people (all people from all races, income brackets, all sexes) and the lack of knowledge and the fact that Society view an individual with “mental health” problems as weak.

The Foundation works towards changing how society views these people and wants them to feel safe and secure. Rather than hiding their problem, the Foundation encourages them seek help and fight this “silent killer” called “depression”. We seek to provide an environment where people suffering with depression can share and support one another.  It is our duty to give them a safe space where they can grow and get better.

We are a support structure for people across South Africa, to be a voice and to reach and inspire people to have courage to speak up and seek help and to stop living in fear!

We are committed to offer assistance, advise (through workshops and public speaking) and counselling to ensure healthy happier people. 

We undertake to uplift and train people (previously broken) to help others overcome their situation.


About Nelie Olivier

Nelie Olivier has experienced various types of abuse and had to deal with the aftermath of adoption which she only found out at 42 years of age. This turned her life into one big mess. She was severely depressed for a period of eight years until she tried to take her own life by taking 160 sleeping pills.

Waking up in the Hospital made her even more angry. She was sure she was going to die and she wanted to die. It’s at this point that the road to recovery began.

Today Nelie is a renowned speaker encouraging people suffering with depression to seek help and to encourage one another.

Find Out More about Nelie’s experience and the answers she gives to questions people ask about adoption.

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