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Nelie Olivier, Inspirational Speaker In South Africa | Founder Of I Am Not A Mistake Foundation

Violence in South Africa is everybody’s problem; and because of that I have been working tirelessly to undermine its mechanisms where they are evident in our society.
I have seen far too much of it; too much of it in our cultures and community groups; too much of it in the streets, schools and homes of our country. It does not discriminate.
I have investigated, been witness to and a victim of violence in many forms in this country of ours; and I, like many others, feels that it needs to stop.
I want to create awareness about the pervasive nature of violence in South Africa by sharing my own life experiences, and in this way hope that we can come together and make positive changes in our society that encourage and inspire people to step up and put a stop to this state of madness and desperation.
I am a passionate ambassador and advocate, a positive spokesperson for bringing social and domestic violence to an end in South Africa. Contact the I am Not a Mistake Foundation to learn more.

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