Overcome Depression

We are activists for those suffering from depression and we provide support for those who need it the most!

” Deep inside where nothing’s fine, I’ve lost my mind”

~ Anonymous


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Depression Support | Depression Activist | I Am Not A Mistake FoundationWhen you are battling to overcome depression it seems like there is no way out of this dark hole. Depending on how severe your depression, symptoms to look out for is anything from or even a combination of insomnia, struggling to make decisions, doing the smallest thing takes an immense amount of effort, your brain is fuzzy and you struggle to focus, you may even have physical symptoms such as constant headaches and body pain, you may experience anxiety and even suffer from panic attacks.

Life is not supposed to feel like a constant struggle! Let us help you, it will take time, there is no overnight fix but I assure you it is worth it! Contact us on our helpline, send us an email or fill out the pop that will appear as you scroll down! Let work together to release this pain and let you experience the joy of life!

You do not know what situation in your life can burst into flames of depression. Sometimes you do not even think that you are depressed. You seek help and for some (like me), you go from pillar to post. Yet nothing – no pill, no advice, nothing works for you.

This will fester for years and because of all of the incredible pressure of being perfect, the pretences and the keeping all of the hurt and anger and rejection inside….you will implode. During the time of my being depressed, professional folk told me I had all kinds of problems. They had a name for each, as well as a tablet.

I felt that I was not dealing with my issues, as I was constantly on some anti-depressant, or another form of drug. This is not a good recovery plan. I asked God in February 2016 to HELP ME. Extraordinary and most miraculous things started to happened. Not overnight, but after 12 months I realized that I had not taken any form of chemicals to cope. I had faith and I felt wonderful. Again, it was not a definitive decision of mine to stop being depressed. I merely surrendered it to God and over time it just evaporated.

I was happy! I felt real, though I still had to deal with a lot of baggage and hurt…..but my FEAR was gone and I felt at peace. I am living proof that your best possible option is to surrender to God…HE will do the rest!